Tai-Chi is an all-aluminum case from Thermaltake, featured in two version, with a pre-assembled high-end water cooling solution (model VB5001SNA) or without it (model VB5000SNA). We took a look at the VB5001SNA model, which comes with an impressive water cooling kit.

Thermaltake Tai-Chi CaseFigure 1: Tai-Chi case from Thermaltake.

It has 10 5 ¼” bays and one 3 ½” bay on its front, as you can see in Figure 2. On the sample we had the chance to take a look, the first bay was using a “Power Station” from the Purepower P.S.T. power series from Thermaltake (this device doesn’t come with the case), the last bay was using a small 3 ½” drawer for storing tools, screw or any other small part, and bays 5, 6, 7 and 8, 9, 10 were using two 120 mm fans. Please note that Tai-Chi comes only with one frontal fan, which is used to cool its three internal 3 ½” bays used by your hard disk drives, and not with two fans like the sample we took a look on.

Thermaltake Tai-Chi CaseFigure 2: Tai-Chi frontal panel.

This case can used by both ATX and BTX motherboards. This is the first case we’ve seen with this feature. If you pay close attention to Figure 3, you will see that metal plate in front of the motherboard is removable. So when installing a BTX motherboard, it is just a matter of changing this plate. ATX motherboards are installed on the right-hand side of the case (looking the case from the front), while BTX motherboards are installed on the left-hand side of the case. That is why is so complicated to have a universal case compatible with both standards.

Thermaltake Tai-Chi CaseFigure 3: Back of Tai-Chi case.

For installing BTX motherboards on this case you will need a BTX Upgrade Kit (part number A9449), which comes with the rear plate and also a BTX SRM (Support and Retention Module).

On the backside of the case you can also see that it has holes to be used by external water cooling solutions and also a place for installing a 120 mm rear fan (this fan comes with the product).

Opening the case is really easy, since it uses thumbscrews. Let’s take a look inside Thermaltake Tai-Chi case.


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