Known for their coolers and cases, Thermaltake began investing in the gaming market with the Tt eSports brand. The line spawned the Challenger Pro, a keyboard with ten programmable keys, two USB ports, detachable cloth-wrapped cable and a feature that drew our attention: a 30 mm fan to cool the user’s hand. But is it too much for show or not? We’ll see throughout the test.

Challenger ProFigure 1: The Challenger Pro

At first we noticed that the Challenger Pro has a top-notch presentation: it comes with a cloth-wrapped detachable cable (with a huge Thermaltake logo on the USB plug) inside a small bag; eight spare keys (WASD cluster and arrow keys) plus two “dead” ones to replace the Windows keys (and so preventing them to be hit while gaming); a key removal tool; and the hand cooling fan to be attached to the keyboard.

Challenger ProFigure 2: The accessories

The Challenger features five programmable keys (T1 to T5) vertically set on the left side and other five  (T6 to T10) on the other side. You can attach the hand cooling fan to either upper corner. On the right upper side there are the multimedia keys and the button to cycle through the user profiles (it’s possible to create up to four, indicated by the colors red, green, blue and purple).

Challenger ProFigure 3: Fan on the upper left corner and programmable keys

Challenger ProFigure 4: Multimedia and programmable keys

On the upper border, the user finds the two USB ports, the detachable cable plug and a slot to store the hand fan when it’s not being used. On the underside there are four rubber feet, two foldout feet and a cable router.

Challenger ProFigure 5: Fan slot

Challenger ProFigure 6: USB ports and cable plug

A self-assumed gadget-freak and an avid gamer, André Gordirro has written about pop culture, Internet and technology for the past ten years. He works for SET Magazine, Brazil's biggest movie magazine, and usually contributes to its technology section writing about consumer products. His body lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – although his mind is said to inhabit cyberspace.