The computer component industry is definitely a competitive one – fighting over the power users that have strong buying influence within their personal groups and companies they may work for. However, this constant battle was previously over a dwindling customer base as consumer electronics became more intertwined with what our self-built computers used to exclusively do.  

Simplifying overclocking is one step that needs to happen for us to really bring back the magic that helped mold us into the PC enthusiasts we are today. A lot of momentum has been gained since the introduction of overclocking almost 20 years ago in terms of performance and complexity, so it is definitely in our best interest to keep trying to sustain, and even grow, this important segment to our industry.

As an enthusiast, what kind of features or technologies would you like to see added to components that would also be embraced by the mainstream consumer?  Share with us in the comments section!

Rajiv Kothari is an industry insider who moonlights as a computer enthusiast, providing a different perspective and insight to new technologies.