Bridging the Gap – Overclocking Goes Mainstream

In an effort to increase and grow this influential enthusiast segment, which is currently about 5% of market share according to most internal discussions, there needed to be a way to provide a quick and easy means to feel the benefits of overclocking without overwhelming the general consumer.  

The answer has been a plethora of great tweaking options for anyone to get the most out of their PC system:  one-touch overclocking, the expanded UEFI BIOS (for a graphical friendly approach to an old PC staple), and now even wireless overclocking from your cell phone or tablet PC.  

This “wow factor” approach is a key way to introduce a whole new generation of users into the world and mind of an enthusiast – utilizing training wheels to get them started on the path of becoming a power user and unlocking the full potential of what can be done on a PC as opposed to any other consumer electronic. Combined with the help of guides and forums (such as our own Hardware Secrets), it provides the possibility to grow that 5% into something more, and ultimately help to push new courses of innovation.  

Following the inordinate amount of success Apple has seen, component manufacturers have been placing a majority of marketing focus and attention on full system products such as tablets, notebooks, touch screen PCs, and other mobile devices. This takes away a lot of emphasis from their bread and butter (motherboards/graphics cards) and leads to a lack of innovation, due in part to all the hype and excitement that surrounds these finished products as opposed to individual features for component products. 

Looking at this from a business standpoint, it makes a lot more sense, as consumers do not want to endure the complexity of new technology and spend more time learning all the advanced features to get the best value out of the product. Giving them a gradual path of progression gives them an incentive to spend more time with the product without feeling overwhelmed. 

It is now the time to take a step back and realize that if the industry can be more open and friendly to beginners, that the market as a whole can increase, and we all can help usher in a new generation of enthusiasts. This in turn leads to businesses looking at innovative ideas dedicated for this segment as a sound decision.


Rajiv Kothari is an industry insider who moonlights as a computer enthusiast, providing a different perspective and insight to new technologies.