Increasing Awareness

Just as the number of overclocking options has increased over time, so have more websites and forums cropped up over the past few years to help users understand all the intricate details and settings available to them in next-generation technologies. Don’t know what a VDROOP is? Load up a search engine (or ask here!) and have multiple sites ready to not only give you detailed information about what it does, but also detailed electrical engineering data to fully grasp its benefits. It’s an ever-evolving community that salivates at the thought of new platforms and products to fully dissect and understand.

Overclockers have also embraced this elite competitiveness akin to how most car enthusiasts treat drag racing, with global tournaments that face the best of the best to win thousands of dollars in cash prizes and trips around the world. These events are even broadcast in the same way as major racing events, as recently demonstrated by MSI’s Master Overclocking Arena 2011 in Las Vegas – fittingly held at an indoor race track.  

Most importantly, anyone can participate in these competitions and, with the right hardware and knowledge, they can make a name for themselves among their peers. This in turn makes manufacturers push the limits of engineering to provide any additional headroom to be placed in the good graces of these users. 

Overclockers are not only extremely knowledgeable; they are also a very important voice for the industry in general.  When an enthusiast builds a PC for his friend or family member, he will assuredly pick the product he believes provides not only the best value, but performance as well. Capturing this enthusiast segment for any company means the whole product line benefits from it. This plays a very important role for any marketing strategy and, therefore, is a key reason why so many products heavily focus on the benefits of overclocking.

Rajiv Kothari is an industry insider who moonlights as a computer enthusiast, providing a different perspective and insight to new technologies.