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Counterfeit Athlon XP Processors

Learn about counterfeit Athlon XP processors that reached the market and how to identify them.

Measuring CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Performance

Learn how to correctly measure your CD-ROM and DVD-ROM performance.
Epson Cartridges

How to Refill Epson Cartridges

Learn how to reset the Epson cartridge chip, allowing you to refill the cartridge.
TX Pro

Chipset Aliases: TX Pro, VX Pro & Co.

Everything you need to know about relabeled chipsets used on PCChips motherboards, like TX Pro, TX Pro II, VX Pro, VX Pro II, HX Pro, BX Pro, VIA GRA, Xcell 2000, etc.
Optical Media

Everything You Need to Know About CD-R Media

Understand in depth how a CD-R media is made and why there are media that is better than others.

Explosive CD-ROM

Some CD media literally explodes inside the CD-ROM drive. Learn why this happens.

Memory Upgrade

Learn about the most common incompatibility cases when upgrading your RAM memory.

Why Serial?

Understand why new busses like PCI Express, USB and Serial ATA are using serial communication instead of parallel.

Transforming a Radeon 9500 into a Radeon 9700

Yes, it is true. You can transform your Radeon 9500 into a Radeon 9700. Learn how.

Explosive Motherboards

Learn more about capacitors on the motherboard that leak or even explode.