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Google’s Gboard Keyboard

Google apps have become a backbone of the iPhone and iPad. Besides Google Search and the Chrome browser, I also use Google Maps, Google...

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – A Quality Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - A Quality Tablet While some people consider the iPad to be the only premium tablet, Samsung is giving Apple plenty...
Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

The two latest smartphones in Samsung’s Galaxy lineup, the S7s, have arrived. In an effort to become “the smartphone to buy” before Apple releases...
Plantronics Voyager Focus Headset

Plantronics Voyager Focus Headset Review

The high tech world keeps moving forward. While there have been no huge breakthroughs in the world of headsets, they keep getting incrementally better...

An HDMI Cable that Enhances the Picture

The Marseille mCable is a unique HDMI cable. While all HDMI cables transmit videos, the mCable adds the capability to improve the video quality....
Amazon Fire Tablet

Is the Lower Cost Amazon Fire Tablet Worthwhile?

A $50 Amazon Fire Tablet certainly sounds great. But they must have cut some corners, right? We review this new device in detail. Check it out!
Acer Z3

Acer Z3 – An All-in-One with a Great Screen

The All-in-One (AIO) computer is a great way to put a computer on your desktop without any clutter or big chunky CPU and the...
Epson ET-4550

Epson ET-4550 Gives You Ink For Years

We review the Epson ET-4550, which comes with enough ink to last the average consumer two years and has refillable cartridges. Check it out!