Main Characteristics

The Siberia V2 Cross-Platform is basically a stereo headset that works with PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Besides being multifunctional, its main features are the retractable microphone and the LiveMix function, selectable by the AudioMixer unit.

Siberia V2Figure 7: LiveMix selector

As the name implies, the LiveMix functions allow audio mixing on the fly, and adjusting the sound of the game so the user can better hear his or her team mates through chat applications such as TeamSpeak or Skype. It can be set to off (no alterations), to low (game sound is reduced by 5 dB when there is talk on the chat channel), to medium (reduction by 15 dB) or to high (reduction by 25 dB). This happens while the voice channel remains unaltered, therefore the user can choose to better hear the chatter on the foreground while the game sound is blasting on the background.

Another main characteristic is comfort, which is very high, thanks to the open structure of the double arcs that support both ear cups. On the other hand, the cups do not fully enclose the ears, so the noise reduction is not as great as advertised, but at least the airflow helps reduce sweating.

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