The Siberia V2 is one of the flagship gaming-grade audio products from SteelSeries. Now the company releases the Cross-Platform model, a headset that is compatible across the board with PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. It’s a wise choice for the user who plays on the PC and on one of those next-generation consoles (or perhaps on both of them.) The Siberia V2 Cross-Platform is a big headset with closed ear headphones and 50 mm drivers, but at the same time is surprisingly lightweight and features a retractable microphone. We’ll look at the physical characteristics first, and then we’ll review the product’s performance.

Siberia V2Figure 1: Siberia V2 Cross-Platform Headset

A great double arc links both leather padded earcups, and the headband stays suspended by an ingenious cable system. It not only regulates the headband’s height, but also the resting point on the user’s head.

Siberia V2Figure 2: Suspended headband

The left earcup houses the retractable unidirectional microphone that is a trademark of the Siberia V2 line.

Siberia V2Figure 3: Earcup (outside view) and retracted microphone

Siberia V2Figure 4: Earcup (inside view) and extended microphone

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