With the cellphone being more and more a platform for digital entertainment (games and multimedia), it’s just natural that the user would want a headset that is fit for gaming in a classic desktop/laptop configuration and also good for listening to music and making calls on a mobile device. Flux, the portable model from SteelSeries, is an answer to all those needs. It also features heavy rubber cables that don’t tangle up, plus literally over a thousand choices of customization. The product is sold in a regular version as well as a luxury edition, with some accessories. We received the luxury edition for our test, but first we are going to review the headset itself, and then proceed to analyze its accessories and performance.

FluxFigure 1: SteelSeries Flux headset

The Flux is a mid-size headset with ear pads that rest on the ear rather than over the ear. The earpieces rotate on their axes and also bend on hinges at each side. The headband is made of flexible rubber so that it can accommodate larger head sizes.

FluxFigure 2: Bent body

FluxFigure 3: Rubber headband

There are no cables attached to the headset. Each earpiece features an audio jack, so the user can choose on which side he or she will attach the cable. To give a personal touch to the Flux, it’s possible to change the ear pads (on the inside there is the “Winning is Everything” slogan from SteelSeries, hidden from sight) and the side plates, which are held in place magnetically. The luxury edition comes with two black side plates plus a silver set with a circuit board design.

FluxFigure 4: Ear cups and side plates

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