Playing with the Call of Duty Black Ops II

The CoDBO II is extremely agile and light. The clicking is excellent, and since the body is symmetrical, that means the buttons for the ring finger and pinkie are also very precise. We just considered one button, the ring finger button (number “7” on the configuration software), a bit difficult to be pressed. We followed the tip from the application and assigned a less urgent function for that particular ring finger button, like using special items on Call of Duty and other FPS titles, such as Battlefield 3.

Mouse COD IIFigure 10: Illuminated mouse

Despite the body favoring a palm grip, the CoDBO II is so light it can be controlled by users with a claw grip as well. Those who prefer a heavier peripheral or a weight adjustment system, will not find the CoDBO II adequate for their tastes.

Most gaming-grade mice offer three (or even four) levels of sensitivity, but the fact is it is rare, during a match, that the user will switch between more than two options of resolution. So we really didn’t miss a third level of sensitivity available; as usual, we set a lower dpi value for precise sniping, and a higher value for more action-packed moments.

About the mouse pad, at first we were concerned that the illustration would make the surface less smooth, but in fact it doesn’t hinder the mouse’s movements in any way. If the user finds the mouse pad a little too big, he or she can roll the mouse pad and keep it down with some weight on top of it. The CoDBO II glided smoothly over it and was very precise on tiny movements.


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