Main Characteristics

The CoDBO II works right out of the box, but to fully appreciate all its features, the user has to download and install the configuration software from the SteelSeries’ website (the mouse doesn’t come with a CD). The application is the same used by all peripherals from the company and it has garnered some compliments from us in the last reviews. The interface is elegant and simple, but it requires a bit of exploring to uncover some functions. As we already know the software, the operation was quick, but for first-time users, it is better to click on everything.

Mouse COD IIFigure 7: Button configuration

The mouse has seven programmable buttons, and it is possible to choose a right hand or left hand orientation. The user can also associate simple game commands and macros to each button. The commands can be a mix of mouse clicks and keystrokes on the keyboard, associating both peripherals in a single macro. It is possible to link all configurations to an executable program; for instance, once the user clicks on the Call of Duty Black Ops II icon, the mouse immediately implements that particular game profile while the computer loads the game. Of course, the CoDBO II already comes a pre-configured profile for that game (but the user can also edit this configuration).

Mouse COD IIFigure 8: Configuration association

There are only two levels of adjustable sensitivity (both ranging from 90 dpi to 5,670 dpi of resolution), indicated by the LED below the scrollwheel. The user can also adjust the intensity and pulsation of the orange light of the CoDBO II; there are no other options, because orange is the color of the game logo.

Mouse COD IIFigure 9: Sensitivity configuration

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