When running traditional benchmarking programs on the FireCuda (ST1000LX015) hybrid hard drive, we didn’t notice any performance gain compared to a mecanically similar conventional drive. This was expected in this model, since this kind of software don’t activate its non-volatile cache.

However, when we tested the real-life operating system load time, we were impressed on how fast it was. On modern hybrid hard disk drives, the non-volatile memory accelerates the loading of the operating system and the most used programs, but it doesn’t store data that are not in these categories.

Therefore, we can say that the FireCuda is great if you use it as a primary (or only) storage device, being an excellent option for systems that accept only one drive, like compact laptops, because it combines the large amount of storage space found on a hard disk drive and the high boot speed. However, it doesn’t make sense if you use it as a secondary unit for workdata storing: it will not accelerate the system in this case.