Analyzing the data obtained on our tests, the first conclusion is that the Samsung 960 EVO 500 GiB is, in some cases, faster with compressible data than with uncompressible data, which means its controller uses compression to speed up operations.

Compared to the HyperX Predator, which is a high performance SSD, it is clear that the Samsung 960 EVO 500 GiB is a high-end SSD. Under right conditions, it reached 3,345 MiB of transfer rate, which is an incredible speed, being also fast on all tests. So, it is a great option to be your primary drive if you want high performance.

On the other hand, it uses TLC memories, which have a lower lifespan than SLC or MLC chips. So, besides being fast, the tested SSD is not recommended for tasks that include a high amount of everyday data writing, like file servers. For such cases, it is better to use a hard disk drive or an SSD aimed for high demanding writing volume.

However, for the typical home user, being used to hold the operating system, applications and games, the amount of data being write is low and there is no reason to worry about it.

So, the Samsung 960 EVO 500 GiB is an excellent choice for the advanced home user who wants a high performance drive.