HeatBuster is a device targeted to improve your PC internal ventilation and to remove hot air from inside your case. We took a look at this cooling device that uses two fans with adjustable rotation – and you can even adjust the tilting angle of one of the fans.

PowerColor HeatBusterFigure 1: HeatBuster in its package.

This product has several features that make it very unique. First it uses two fans, one (right in Figure 2) is used to pull the hot air from inside the PC to outside the PC case, and the other fan (left in Figure 2) is used to enhance the airflow inside the PC.

PowerColor HeatBusterFigure 2: HeatBuster from PowerColor.

This second fan is what makes this cooler unique. You can adjust its tilting angle, so you can aim it directly to what you want to cool down inside your PC – like your VGA, for example.

PowerColor HeatBusterFigure 3: You can freely rotate the second fan.

Another very important feature we didn’t see on similar products is that its blower (i.e., the fan that pulls hot air from inside the case to the outside) works on both sides of the product. Usually the “back” side is closed and the device pulls hot air only from the “front” side of the device. This doesn’t happen with HeatBuster.

PowerColor HeatBusterFigure 4: The blower pulls hot air from both sides of the product (see how the area surrounding the first fan is opened).

And, as we mentioned earlier, you can control the speed of the fans. This feature allows you to reduce the speed of the fans in order to make them to produce less noise. So you can rotate the available knob until you find the perfect balance between performance and noise level for your PC.

PowerColor HeatBusterFigure 5: Fan speed control knob.

The installation of this cooling device is very simple and even the average Joe can do it without sweating. It is just a matter of screwing it to any empty expansion slot and attaching its power connector to the power supply and that’s it. Of course you will need to turn on the PC with the case open to better adjust the tilting angle of the fan.


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