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Regarding the PIC itself, it uses a Geode GX series CPU, from AMD, which doesn’t have a good performance, but has a very low power consumption. The GX 500 model used on the prototype we’ve seen consumes only 1 watt (high-end CPU’s consume at least 80 times more) and runs only at 366 MHz. Don’t expect doing a lot of things with this computer besides writting texts, surfing the web and reading e-mails. Don’t even think about gaming!

AMD PICFigure 5: CPU used in the prototype, a 366 MHz Geode GX 500.

It has everything you’ll need “on-board”, like USB ports, audio, video and modem, but curiously the prototype we’ve seen didn’t have a network port, preventing the computer to be directly plugged to broadband Internet connections, requiring an add-on USB network adapter. Acordingly to AMD, the model we’ve seen was only a prototype and this should change on the final product. Let’s wait and see


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