When we compared the earlier generation of the low-consumption Intel CPUs (Bay Trail-D) to its competitor, the AMD Athlon 5150, we concluded that the quad-core Intel models offered higher processing power than the AMD’s, but they had a weaker GPU.

Now, Intel launched the new low-cost Braswell processors, with even lower TDP and a new graphics engine. That we could see about the Pentium N3700, as we had noticed with the Celeron N3150, is that it is slower (in CPU performance) than the Pentium J2900 (which is expected because it uses the same architecture, but with a lower clock rate). However, it was clear that the GPU on the Pentium N3700 is way more powerful than the Pentium J2900’s, almost reaching the performance of the GPU present on the Athlon 5150.

Anyway, what we could conclude on this test is that the Pentium N3700 is a CPU fast enough for simple tasks (like web surfing or text editing) and that its low price and energy consumption makes it excellent when you want to build a small, quiet and energy-conscious computer, with no need for high performance.