Patriot was established in 2000 as a PDP Systems spin-off – PDP Systems is one of the oldest memory manufacturers in the world and very active in the OEM business – is getting a lot of attention in the enthusiast market with the excellent cost/benefit ratio of their products. We’ve got their PDC2G3500LLK memory kit, which comes with two 216.5 MHz/DDR433 1 GB modules with 2-3-2-5 timings. The main feature of these modules is their very low latency for such a high capacity product. Let’s see how this kit performs on our tests.

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Patriot PDC2G3500LLK 2 GB Dual Channel Figure 1: Patriot PDC2G3500LLK memory kit.

The module design looks very simple yet with a very good taste. The modules use aluminum heatspreaders painted in red, which are attached to the modules through a thermal tape.

Patriot PDC2G3500LLK 2 GB Dual Channel Figure 2: Label detail.

We could remove the heatspreader and could see that the memory modules use Infineon CE-5 chips and have their printed circuit board (PCB) projected by BrainPower.

Patriot PDC2G3500LLK 2 GB Dual Channel Figure 3: Chip detail.

Infineon CE-5 chips can achieve up to 300 MHz with stability, but beyond 270 MHz the system wasn’t stable for 3D applications, as the textures were being corrupted.

Before going to our benchmarks, let’s take a look at the main technical features of the reviewed modules.

Daniel Barros lives in Brazil and used to be our motherboard reviewer. He is a partner at a local PC sales and maintenance store.