Activating the Hyper-Threading Technology

See how to enable the HyperThreading technology on your PC.


Everything you need to know about grounding and how to correctly setup a grounding system for your PC.

ITX Motherboards

Learn about the ITX form factor, introduced by VIA.
Hard drive fan

Hard Disk Fan

Your hard disk may also need some cooling.
V.92 modem

V.92 Standard

Learn more about the new V.92 standard for 56 K modems.

USB 2.0

Learn more about the new USB bus.

Programming Your Keyboard

Learn how to tranform some keys into shortcuts to programs.
USB Bracket

Forgotten Motherboard Functions

Learn more about functions like suspend to RAM, wake up on lan, wake up on ring, etc.


Learn more about UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply.

BIOS Setup

Everything you need to know about BIOS setup.