Inside the NZXT Phantom 530 (Cont’d)

The NZXT Phantom 530 supports the installation of one 120 mm or 140 mm internal fan. You can tilt the bracket where this fan is installed in order to better direct the airflow to the component you want to cool down.

NZXT Phantom 530Figure 18: Bracket for internal fan

The reviewed case comes with a “fan power hub” behind the motherboard tray, allowing you to power up to 10 fans through a single power connector.

NZXT Phantom 530Figure 19: Fan power hub

The power supply is installed at the bottom of the case. It can be installed with either its bottom fan facing up or facing down, so you can decide if you want the fan of your power supply pulling air from inside the case or from outside of it. As shown before, there is an air filter for the power supply fan.

The case supports the installation of two 120 mm fans on its bottom panel, also supporting radiators up to 240 mm long. As already shown, the case comes with an air filter for these optional components.

If you install a 120 mm fan close to the power supply, you will be able to fit power supplies up to 8.2” (208 mm) deep, which is more than enough to accommodate most power supplies available on the market.

NZXT Phantom 530Figure 20: Power supply compartment