The Front Panel

The front panel of the NZXT Phantom 530 has a big door, hold by magnets, and a meshed area at the bottom. Opening the door (which has high-quality metal hinges), you can see three 5.25” bays with solid covers. The covers have small levers to remove them. The reset button is also located behind the door, on the top right corner. The power and HDD LEDs are located at the left.

NZXT Phantom 530Figure 3: Front panel

NZXT Phantom 530Figure 4: Door opened

The reviewed case comes with one 200 mm fan installed on its front panel (no technical specifications for this fan are provided). If you remove this fan, you will be able to fit two 140 mm or 120 mm fans. The front panel also supports radiators up to 280 mm in length.

NZXT Phantom 530Figure 5: Front fan

One of the highlights of the reviewed case is the ability to remove the bottom air filters from the front panel, without the need to lift the case, as you can see in Figure 6.

NZXT Phantom 530Figure 6: Bottom air filter