Main Characteristics

The feature that catches the eye on the El’Druin right out of the box is the innovative concept of the side disks. Leetgion came up with a couple of fancy names for them. The left one is the SPAD (Skill Power Actions D-Pad), because it can be mapped to the skills, powers, and actions most found on regular MMORPGs. The right side is the Omni-Tuner, and as we said, it acts like another scrollwheel. The user must press it to cycle through three different functions: resolution level control, user profile change, and two-button functions (wheel forward and wheel backwards).

El DruinFigure 8: Button configuration

To configure all those functions, it is necessary to download the software on the Leetgion website, because the El’Druin does not come with an installation CD. Once the application is installed, it is possible to program four profiles with 12 functions each (mapped to the buttons and the side disks) and adjust the overall performance (pointer speed, scroll speed, etc.). Each profile can have its own resolution setting, ranging from 100 dpi to 5,000 dpi, adjustable in 300 dpi increments. The El’Druin already comes with two factory-settings: a desktop profile for internet navigation and a Diablo profile.

El DruinFigure 9: Profile management

The software’s interface is based on photos of the El’Druin, so button assignment is really an intuitive deal. Recording macros is also an uncomplicated business, and the user can program delays between commands. For a mouse geared towards MMORPGs, a game genre more in need of macros then shooters, the El’Druin excels at this features.

El DruinFigure 10: Macro recording

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