Main Features

Kingston has chosen to use a metal enclosure for the HyperX SSD which gives it a high-quality look and feel. They have also added some blue accents to the drive to make it look a little more exciting. It occupies the standard 2.5” form factor, ensuring compatibility with the majority of laptops. It will also be fully compatible with all desktop PC cases as Kingston supplies a 3.5” adapter in the included bundle.

Kingston HyperX 240 GB SSD ReviewFigure 3: Kingston HyperX 240 GB SSD

Accessing the PCB inside the drive isn’t an easy task, as Kingston has chosen to use tamperproof hex screws. On the top side of the PCB, we find the Sandforce SF-2281 controller alongside eight of the 16 total Intel 29F64G08ACME2 25 nm NAND memory chips. The remaining eight 16 GB chips are located on the underside of the PCB, resulting in an overall physical capacity of 256 GB. The actual capacity of the drive is reduced to 240 GB through over-provisioning, which improves the longevity of the SSD.

Kingston HyperX 240 GB SSD ReviewFigure 4: Kingston HyperX 240 GB SSD PCB


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