The iPod nano is as trendy as it gets for an audio player, but this does not mean it has no flaws. For instance, the device has lost the small connector located near the headphone jack on previous iPod series, meaning that various accessories are now incompatible. (It is also the case with the latest iPods supporting video.)

Some users also have claimed that the nano is more susceptible to scratching. A group of lawyers last week even filed a lawsuit on behalf of consumers who felt deceived by Apple, charging that the tiny player contains a thinner coating compared to other iPods. Apple has stated, however, that the nano is made of the same polycarbonate material. The company also has faced some complaints over cracks on the display. It has aknowledged the problem “in less than 0.1% of total production”. Apple blamed a bad supplier and said it would substitute any such damaged device.

All in all, the nano still seems to be a nice addition to Apple’s lineup. The player is practical, slender and offers great sound quality. Scrolling through the options is incredibly fast and the screen is very bright and “readable”. A personal piece of advice: though the white is the traditional one, choose the black model, which is even more beautiful.

iPod nano
Figure 5: nano’s silverplated backside.


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