More tools

The fourth and last functionality of the program is called “Tools”, being that three of them were not present on previous versions.

The first one, “Cleanup Residual”, allows you to delete useless data from the computer to free up some disk space. There are three options you can check: “Invalid Shortcuts”, which deletes invalid shortcuts (this tool is also present on  Advanced System Care;) “Windows Path Cache”, which deletes temporary files created during program installs, and “Download Folder”, which deletes the files present on the download files folder. You must be careful to use this last option, because we often need to keep some files on this folder. It is therefore recommended to leave this option unchecked and clean this folder manually.

IObit Uninstaller 5Figure 6: “Cleanup Residual” menu

The second option, “Uninstall History”, is simply a history of which programs you have uninstalled using the program.

The third option, “File Shredder”, executes a secure file deleting (read our “How to Really Delete your files” tutorial to understand this option). This function is also available on Advanced System Care and adds an option which allows you to shred a file right-clicking it.

IObit Uninstaller 5Figure 7: “File Shredder” menu

And finally the fourth option, “Windows Tools”, which are just shortcuts to Windows Control Panel functions.

IObit Uninstaller 5Figure 8: “Windows Tools” menu

Another interesting feature on this program is that it is automatically integrated to Advanced System Care. So, if you use this program, you will have IObit Uninstaller shortcut on your “Tools” menu.


Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist, a PhD student, and is a college professor in Brazil.