We decided to use both PCMark Vantage and PCMark 7 to test the performance of Smart Response Technology, as they give us a good indication of real world performance. Please read on to see the results.

PCMark Vantage System Storage Suite Graph

In the Windows Startup test, we saw a huge 468% improvement in performance in maximized mode and 472% in enhanced mode. In the gaming and application loading tests, we saw performance increases of 592% and 1383% in maximized mode and 564% and 1378% in enhanced mode. There were also impressive performance increases in the adding music test of 501% in maximized mode and 481% in enhanced mode.

PCMark 7 System Storage Suite

In the starting applications test, there were massive improvements in both enhanced and maximized modes of 951% and 981%, respectively. In the adding music test, the performance improvements with SRT were much smaller with a 7% improvement in maximized mode and a 3.1% improvement in enhanced mode.

Moving on to the gaming test, there was a 199% improvement in maximized mode and a 194% improvement in enhanced mode compared to the hard drive alone. We also saw reasonable performance gains in the Windows Defender test where performance was boosted by 190% in maximized mode and 185% in enhanced mode.

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