OASIS is the codename of a technology that transforms an everyday surface into a screen, recognizing commands through motions of your hand, recognizing objects, and creating a full interactive experience.


Intel presented as an example a kitchen countertop.

OASISFigure 8: A kitchen countertop transformed into a display

OASISFigure 9: The projector and motion sensor that are installed above the countertop

The system can recognize objects on the countertop, as you see it recognizing the banana and the bell pepper in Figure 10. By putting your finger on top of the icon projected besides the object, you can open an interactive menu that has several options available, as showing recipes using that ingredient, adding it to your grocery list, telling you how many of those you still have in your fridge or pantry, etc. Once again, all commands are done by simply moving your fingers.

OASISFigure 10: Object recognition

OASISFigure 11: Interacting with the object

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