Using the Officejet Pro 8000

The Officejet Pro 8000 has excellent speed for an ink jet printer. It is rated at a maximum of 35 pages per minute in black and 34 pages per minute in color. Although some printers lag when the printer is used wirelessly, this printer was almost as fast over a wireless network as it was over a wired network.

Text was crisp and clear. Color images were quite good, although a bit on the dark side. The HP ink used in this printer is definitely waterproof. We printed some brochures on regular paper and put them outside in the rain. The next day, although the paper was completely saturated with water, we found perfectly readable brochures with no bleeding of any kind. The 15,000-page duty cycle makes this a good printer for small offices.

We looked at HP’s claim of reasonable consumables cost, and we found it to be accurate. Standard print cartridges cost USD 25.99 for black, which is rated at 1,000 pages (about 2.6 cents per page) The cyan, magenta, or yellow cartridges are rated for 900-pages each at a cost of USD 19.99 each (about 2.2 cents per color per page).

The high-yield cartridges are even most cost efficient. The high yield black, which is rated for 2,200 black pages costs USD 35.99 (about 1.6 cents per page) and each color, which is rated for 1,400 pages, costs USD 25.99 (about 1.9 cents per color per page). This compares favorably to color laser printers. (The page yield ratings normally assume 5% coverage.)

The duplexer is another way to save money and to save a few trees, as well. In our testing it worked seamlessly.

Speaking of saving trees, the 8000 is ENERGY STAR qualified and HP claims it uses up to 50% less energy than color lasers. HP also gets our Kudos for promoting recycling of toner cartridges and the printer itself through its “HP Planet Partners” recycling program.

One thing that we did not like about this Officejet is that print jobs seemed a little slow to start and when starting, we often heard that aggravating bumping and grinding that we heard during the printer initialization.

On thing that we did like is that this printer is compatible with the free HP iPrint photo app in the iTunes store. With this app you can easily print the photos from your iPhone.


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