Overview of the Process

The process of generating the floppies consists of downloading disk images of the original floppies that came with the computer and recording these images to floppies with the same capacity (400 KB, 800 KB or 1.44 MB).

In order to generate 400 KB and 800 KB floppies, you will need to have a working Macintosh computer with a floppy disk drive and a hard disk drive. This computer doesn’t need to be new; you can have a very old model such as the Macintosh SE. You can’t generate these floppies on computers older than a Macintosh SE FDHD if you are going to use a PC to download the files, as you will need a 1.44 MB floppy drive.

If you use an old model, however, you will need to have another computer connected to the Internet, so you can download the necessary files. This other computer can be either a PC or a Mac, which must have a floppy drive. If you are going to use a PC to download the files, the Mac you will use to generate the floppies must have a 1.44 MB floppy disk drive (Macintosh SE FDHD, Macintosh SE Superdrive, Macintosh SE/30 or newer), so you can transfer files downloaded on the PC to the Mac.

On the other hand, to generate 1.44 MB floppies to be used by computers starting with the Macintosh SE FDHD, you don’t need to use a Mac to generate the floppies; the entire process can be done on a PC.

You will need to buy 800 KB floppy disks to generate 800 KB and 400 KB floppies (800 KB floppies can be used as 400 KB disks). These disks aren’t sold in stores anymore, so you must buy them on eBay or other alternative venue. Note that you can’t use 1.44 MB floppies to generate 400 KB and 800 KB floppies. Technically, you can use 1.44 MB floppies as long as they are not formatted; however, almost all 1.44 MB floppies are sold already formatted, and thus can’t be used. Also, you will need at least one 1.44 MB floppy to transport files between computers if you are using a Mac without Internet connection to generate the floppies.

Of course, if you are generating 1.44 MB floppies, you will need to buy this kind of disk, which is still sold at office supply stores.

The first step is to download the disk images that you will need to use.

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