TÜV SÜD Registration Number

Another agency that some manufacturers certify their units with is called TÜV SÜD. Although not as popular as the UL, you may be able to discover the real manufacturer of the power supply by searching for the TÜV SÜD registration number on the website below, if a TÜV SÜD registration number is provided on the power supply label or on the power supply box. Notice that while good power supplies will carry the TÜV logo, only a few have the certification number printed. Make sure to take a close look at both the product label and the product box, because sometimes the logo on the label doesn’t have the registration number but the one on the box has or vice-versa.

On the link above, select “Certificate number” on the “Please select category” drop-down box, enter the certification number on the “Search” box and hit “Go.”

TÜV SÜDFigure 6: Example of a power supply with a TÜV SÜD registration number

Power supplies may carry other certifications with their respective registration numbers; we only covered UL and TÜV SÜD because they are the main ones.

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