How Much We Have Invested so Far

Most publications don’t have a decent methodology for reviewing power supplies for two reasons. The first is lack of knowledge. And the second is not willing to invest money to build a lab for testing power supplies. We decided to break down exactly how much money we have invested to date to build our lab, so you can have an idea of our commitment in reviewing power supplies and bringing you with real information about this hardware part. The costs listed below include tax and shipping, when applicable. We are not including the costs of items like solder, tools like screwdrivers and pliers, the computer necessary for using the oscilloscope, etc. We hope this list also helps other publications to build their own lab. Just don’t forget to mention who was your source!

Equipment Cost Obs
SunMoon SM-268 load tester USD 2,500.00  
GWInstek GPM-8212R power meter USD 761.37  
Fluke 52 II thermometer USD 228.65  
Stingray DS1M12 oscilloscope USD 226.91   
Stingray DS1M12 oscilloscope USD 226.91 Backup
Hakko 808 dessoldering gun USD 201.38  
Brand Electronics 4-1850 power meter USD 149.42 Retired
Sound level meter USD 99.90 Not in use yet
Anti-static mat USD 89.59  
Hot box USD 96.20 96.2 
5 Lbs ABC fire extinguisher USD 53.63  
Weller SPG40 soldering iron + WLC100 station USD 44.95  
Kill-a-Watt P4400 power meter USD 41.41 Backup
CompuNurse digital thermometer USD 14.99 Broke
Total USD 4,735.31  


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