When one gets a mouse named after the god of thunder of Norse mythology, one imagines a mighty peripheral, worthy of the son of Odin himself. However, the Force M7 Thor (from now on we’ll just call it “the Thor” for short) is a low-cost mouse that is also low on features. It doesn’t record macros, it’s not indicated to MMORPG players, but it performs well enough as an FPS mouse. We’ll talk about it more later, but first let’s describe the product.

Thor mouseFigure 1: Force M7 Thor

At first glance, the Thor is a big and long mouse, wide as a duck’s feet on the upper side where the two main buttons are housed. Between them lies the scroll wheel, and below the scroll wheel the user finds the resolution switch, which can cycle through three dpi settings up to 6,000 dpi. Three blue LEDs indicate the current sensitivity level. On the lower back lies the “Thor” logo complete with lightning surrounding it. The whole body is a dull black plastic, while the logo itself is shiny.

Thor mouseFigure 2: Thor logo

From the upper side emerges the plastic cable that ends in a gold-plated USB plug.

Thor mouseFigure 3: Upper side and cable

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