The Osmium with the Cherry MX Brown switches gives a more hands-on typing experience in comparison to the Cherry MX Red model. This response reassures the gamer and it makes the keyboard feel more “mechanical”. The macro cluster is poorly located, requiring the user to take his hand away from the main commands. The control wheels are a great idea, and the hub is very handy when the user constantly changes gaming gear like headsets and mice.

Strong Points

  • Gives the option of choosing a Cherry MX Brown mechanical switch over the Red model
  • Full illumination
  • Very stable on the table
  • Complete USB and audio hub, including a USB 3.0 port
  • Friendly software with helpful iconography integrates keystrokes and mouse clicks
  • Ingenious wheels to control volume and illumination
  • Extra keys with symbols to customize the keyboard

Weak Points

  • No new nomenclature to help differentiate between Osmium models
  • Multimedia controls bundled with function keys
  • Macro keys away from main commands
  • Thick and heavy cable may be difficult to manage, depending on the user’s set up
A self-assumed gadget-freak and an avid gamer, André Gordirro has written about pop culture, Internet and technology for the past ten years. He works for SET Magazine, Brazil's biggest movie magazine, and usually contributes to its technology section writing about consumer products. His body lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – although his mind is said to inhabit cyberspace.