Main Characteristics

The concept behind the Neon is to mix a mouse with an air presenter. As a mouse, the Neon is a typical device for office work, with no special buttons or programmable functions. It was made to drag-and-drop and click on links, and that is it. It is very small and relatively agile and precise, within the limitations of its resolution of 1,200 dpi.

Gigabyte has designed a shape for the device that can be dragged as a mouse (in a claw grip style) as well as gripped from the underside when functioning as a presenter.

NeonFigure 7: Gripped as a presenter

Gigabyte says the battery will need to be recharged after one month of use, more or less. To do it, the user must plug the receiver into a USB port and then attach the Neon to it. If there is not enough room to connect the whole mouse, the USB extension cable can be used in more cluttered areas (like behind a desktop PC). The LED blinks to indicate low battery and charging status.

NeonFigure 8: Neon being recharged on a notebook

NeonFigure 9: Neon being recharged on a desktop

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