Released Models

As mentioned two models are being released at this moment: GeForce GTX 280 and GeForce GTX 260. Below you can see pictures of the reference model for these two cards – as you can see, they have the same external appearance. Both cards require two auxiliary power connectors, with GTX 280 requiring one 6-pin connector and another 8-pin connector and GTX 260 requiring two 6-pin connectors. Both video cards are based on PCI Express 2.0, naturally. So for best performance you must install them on a motherboard supporting PCI Express 2.0. Both of them support three-way SLI.

GeForce GTX 260Figure 7: GeForce GTX 260 reference model.

GeForce GTX 280Figure 8: GeForce GTX 280 reference model.

In the table below we summarize the main specs from these two cards.

Feature GeForce GTX 280 GeForce GTX 260
Core clock 602 MHz 576 MHz
Streaming Processors (Shader Engines) 240 192
Streaming Processors Clock 1,296 MHz 1,242 MHz
Memory Clock (Real) 1,107 MHz 999 MHz
Memory Clock (DDR) 2,214 MHz 1,998 MHz
Memory 1 GB GDDR3 896 MB GDDR3
Memory Interface 512-bit 448-bit
TDP 236 W 182 W
MSRP USD 649 USD 399


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