Main Characteristics

The MS-3 has twelve programmable functions done by an application with an elegant and clean interface, a welcome departure from the reigning “radical” designs on the market. The user can create three profiles (associated with games or work applications) that are stored on the 512 kiB internal memory, which means it is possible to trade computers without losing the preferences. The new functions can be associated to nine buttons and to three functions on the scroll wheel.

Mouse MS-3Figure 10: Button programming

The user can choose either the same color or two different ones among 16.8 million options to illuminate the wheel and the Instant Button. The colored lights can also be turned off, or be made to pulse.

Mouse MS-3Figure 11: Color selection

There is also a macro editor in the software that is able to record up to ten commands in one macro. The internal memory can store a total of sixty macros available to all user profiles.

Mouse MS-3Figure 12: Macro recording

The resolution can be set on three levels up to the maximum of 5,670 dpi. The MS-3 comes with default settings of 450, 900, and 1,800 dpi from the factory, all easily adjustable among the user profiles. It is also possible to alter the X- and Y-axis sensitivity; the pointer speed; and the lift off distance.

The MS-3 also features the Instant Aim function located on the central button on the thumb niche. Once this button is pressed, it automatically changes the resolution in the middle of the game, then it quickly resets to the older setting as it is released. It is a useful feature for those moments when the player needs an immediate change of pace, such as a precise shot with a sniper rifle or responding to a surprise attack from an enemy.

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