Introduction (Cont’d)

There is no weight adjustment system on the underside, only four Teflon feet to ensure better sliding. Right on the middle, the user finds the Avago UGS 9500 sensor that reaches 5,670 dpi of resolution. A cloth-wrapped 6’5” cable comes out of the tip of the mouse and ends on a gold-plated USB connector.

Mouse MS-3Figure 5: Underside view

Mouse MS-3Figure 6: Cable and USB connector

We also received the XL model of the Superface 1030 mousepad. It features two sliding surfaces – one more rugged, made for precision, and a glossy one, for faster responses. To change surfaces, we just had to lift the rugged one to reveal the glossy surface underneath it; it acts like a cover of sorts. The underside has nine rubber feet to make sure it stays undisturbed on the table.

Mouse MS-3Figure 7: Surface 1030 XL, rugged surface

Mouse MS-3Figure 8: Surface 1030 XL, glossy surface

Mouse MS-3Figure 9: Surface 1030 XL, underside view

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