The FSP Aurum Pro 850 W is a step above other 80 Plus Gold power supplies from FSP thanks to its improved design. For the higher-wattage models, FSP decided to go with a resonant design using two transformers, which is superior to the cheaper active clamp reset forward design. The obvious side effect is a higher price tag. However, at USD 180, it is still a very competitive power supply for the high-end enthusiast. For instance, the Enermax Platimax 850 W costs USD 250 and brings efficiency only two points higher, and other 850 W units with the 80 Plus Gold certification are in the same price range (USD 180 – USD 200).

The main competitor for the FSP Aurum Pro 850 W is the Corsair AX850W, which is also a great power supply, but this model from FSP achieved higher efficiency during our tests, and brings the fan control cables, which don’t exist on competing products. Another great advantage of the reviewed unit is the out-of-the-box support for four high-end video cards.

Of course, if you are an average user, there are more affordable, good-quality power supplies with high efficiency out there. However, if you are an enthusiast building a computer with several video cards and want “the best” power supply around, the new FSP Aurum Pro 850 W is the product for you.

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