Power Distribution

In Figure 17, you can see the power supply label containing all the power specs.

FSP Aurum Gold 700 power supplyFigure 17: Power supply label

As you can see, the manufacturer lists this unit as having four +12 V rails. Analyzing the circuit, we could clearly see four “shunts” (current sensors), matching the number of rails advertised by the manufacturer, see Figure 18.

FSP Aurum Gold 700 power supplyFigure 18: Shunts

The available +12 V rails are distributed like this:

  • +12V1 (solid yellow wire): Main motherboard cable, SATA and peripheral power connectors
  • +12V2 (yellow/black wire): ATX12V/EPS12V cable
  • +12V3 (yellow/blue wire): One of the video card power cables
  • +12V4 (yellow/white wire): The other video card power cable

This distribution is perfect, as it separates the CPU and the video card power cables on individual rails. However, if you have only one video card with two power connectors, we recommend you to use one connector from each available cable instead of using the two power connectors available on one of the cables.

Let’s now see if this power supply can really deliver 700 W.

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