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Everything You Need to Know About the SPDIF Connection


Adding SPDIF Outputs to your Computer

Almost all motherboards have the SPDIF interface, even if the motherboard doesn’t come with SPDIF connectors soldered on it. If you want to add SPDIF connectors to your computer, you must look for a header on the motherboard that has the SPDIF output. This header can be found with several different names, such as “JSP1” (see Figure 16), “SPDIF_OUT” (see Figure 17), “SPDIFO,” “SPDIF_O,” “HDMI_SPDIF,” etc. The product manual may help you.

SPDIF HeaderFigure 16: SPDIF header (“JSP1”)

SPDIF HeaderFigure 17: SPDIF header (“SPDIF_OUT”)

You will need to buy an adapter such as the one shown in Figure 18, and install it to the SPDIF header available on your motherboard.

SPDIF BracketFigure 18: I/O bracket with SPDIF connectors

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