The Enermax NAXN 80+ 600 W is a power supply targeted to the average user. For this kind of user, it provides a very good value, with high efficiency ranging from 83.1% to 86.6% if you pull between 120 W and 480 W (dropping to 80.2% at 600 W), very low noise and ripple levels, and very good cable configuration (not many 600 W units provide seven SATA power connectors). Voltage regulation, although not “flawless,” is acceptable, especially for the market share this unit is targeted at.

Its price, USD 70, is not bad at all. The reviewed unit has similar efficiency (except for the full load test) as the Cooler Master Silent Pro M 600 W, which costs USD 100. Also, USD 70 is the same price as the Corsair CX600 V2, a power supply that, as far as we can tell, is internally identical to the Enermax NAXN 80+ 600 W. The Enermax model has the advantage of costing only USD 40 after sending a mail-in rebate card. A rebate card is also available for the Corsair model, but the final price after rebate comes to USD 50. It’s a shame that some users forget to fill out and send rebate cards.

Of course, if you are an exigent user, you will probably want a better unit, but you will have to pay more.

As a final comment, we find it strange that Enermax, a company that designs power supplies and has its own manufacturing facilities, decided to buy power supplies from someone else.

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