Introduction (Cont’d)

From the power supply comes a lot of cables and connectors: the standard 24-pin ATX12V v2.x motherboard power connector, one EPS12V connector, two ATX12V connectors that can be put together to create a second EPS12V connector on quad-CPU servers, two auxiliary PCI Express power connectors for SLI/CrossFire systems, one cable containing three peripheral power connectors, one cable containing three SATA power connectors and one connector to be attached on the motherboard for you to monitor the speed of the 80 mm power supply fan through your favorite motherboard monitoring program. We show all these connectors in Figure 3.

Enermax Galaxy 1000 WFigure 3: Galaxy 1000 W main cables and connectors.

In Figure 4 you have a closer look at the EPS12V connector, on the two ATX12V connectors that can be transformed into a second EPS12V connector for quad-CPU systems, and the fan monitoring connector.

Enermax Galaxy 1000 WFigure 4: One EPS12V, two ATX12V (that can transformed into a second EPS12V) and fan monitoring.

One thing that drew our attention was the gauge of the wire used on the motherboard main power cable, 16 AWG instead of 18 AWG as other high-end power supplies we’ve seen to date. Translation: this power supply uses thicker wires on the main motherboard power connector. All other wires used on this power supply are 18 AWG.

The modular system provides more peripheral cables, if you need. Using a modular system is great, as you need only to attach the peripheral cables you will really need, so you won’t have loose cables inside your PC, providing a better inner airflow. Also, if in the future you need different peripheral cables you can get them with the manufacturer instead of having to buy a new power supply just because your unit doesn’t have the cables you need. A plastic sleeving also protects the peripheral cables, helping organizing the cables inside the PC, providing a better inner airflow thus preventing it from overheating due to loose wires and cables blocking the airflow. Enermax also provides a plastic pouch for you to store all peripheral cables that are not in use at the moment.

Enermax Galaxy 1000 WFigure 5: Galaxy 1000 W modular cabling system.

Enermax Galaxy 1000 WFigure 6: Plastic pouch containing all peripheral cables.

This power supply comes with the following cables for its modular cabling system: two auxiliary PCI Express power cables, for quad-SLI systems; three peripheral power cables, containing three peripheral power connectors each; two peripheral power cables, containing two peripheral power connectors and one floppy disk drive power connector each; four Serial ATA power cables, containing three SATA power connectors each.

Thus the total number of peripheral connectors that come with this power supply is completely insane: there are 16 peripheral power connectors and 15 SATA power connectors.

Also, this power supply provides four auxiliaries PCI Express power connectors, allowing you to assemble a quad-SLI system without using any kind of power adapter, which is great.

We decided to fully disassemble this power supply to take a look inside.

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