3D Performance: 3DMark2001 SE

To evaluate GeForce 6100-405 3D performance we installed two low-end video cards on ECS GeForce6100SM-M: GeForce 6200 TurboCache with 64 MB and 64-bit interface (from XFX) and GeForce 6200 with 128 MB and 128-bit interface (from Leadtek).

We also installed a high-end video card, GeForce 7800 GTX, on it and compared its performance to a high-end motherboard with the same video card installed, ASUS M2N32-SLI De Luxe.

We ran several programs, as you will see in the next pages.

The first one, 3DMark2001 SE, measures 3D performance by making DirectX 8.1 simulations, and the results you can see below (we ran it using its default configuration). All the listed video cards were installed on ECS GeForce6100SM-M.

ECS GeForce6100SM-M

On 3DMark2001 SE Radeon Xpress 1100 was 14.95% faster than GeForce 6100-405. It was also beaten by the two low-end PCI Express video cards we installed: GeForce 6200 TC (64 MB, 64-bit) was 77.68% faster and GeForce 6200 (128 MB, 128-bit) was 168.11% faster than the on-board video of the reviewed motherboard.

When we installed a GeForce 7800 GTX on the reviewed card, a surprise: it was 12.65% faster than ASUS M2N32-SLI De Luxe with the same video card installed.

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