Radix ( manufactures a series of boards target to data recovery. With one Radix board installed on your PC, if something wrong happens – like a virus attack – you can recover your hard disk to the point it was before the problem happened. It is similar to the System Restore utility that comes with Windows XP, but since it is a hardware component, even if Windows get corrupted and doesn’t load, you still can recover your hard drive, what is not possible with the Windows XP utility.

RadixFigure 1: Radix boards we’ve got for evaluation.

There are several models available: MLP, MLP laptop, SLP, SLP remote and LPE. The MLP models allow the creation of several restore points, while SLP models allow the creation of just one restore point. A restore point is a hard drive image that is made for the data recovery process. When you face a problem, the board restores your hard drive to one of the restore points you created.

Radix LPEFigure 2: LPE model.

Radix SLPFigure 3: SLP model.

Radix SLPFigure 4: SLP model, back view.

The laptop model is USB (the others are PCI) and offers na extra security because if it is not installed on one of your laptop’s USB ports after its installation, the user cannot access the data inside the laptop (it is not possible to load the operating system). The remote model allows the PC to me remotelly managed through network.


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