There are great performance enhancements when a system is upgraded to a solid state drive from a mechanical hard drive. A large number of SSDs are currently on the market, making the choice of which one to buy quite difficult. Today we are going to look at the latest Performance Pro 128 GB SSD from Corsair to see how it fares against the competition.

It is often remarked that 128 GB solid state drives offer the best compromise between price, capacity and performance. For most users, they will provide enough storage space for most applications and games. In a desktop PC, a low capacity SSD can be combined with a mechanical hard drive to store large multimedia files, if required.

Before proceeding, we highly suggest that you read our “Anatomy of SSD Units” tutorial, which provides all the background information you need to know about SSDs. Both of the SSDs featured in this review use MLC memory chips.

Corsair Performance Pro 128 GB SSD Review

Figure 1: The Corsair Performance Pro 128 GB

In the table below, we are comparing the Corsair Performance Pro with the Corsair Force GT, which we are using for comparison purposes. Both units use a SATA-600 interface and occupy the standard 2.5” form factor. Prices were researched at on the day that we published this review.

Manufacturer Model Model # Capacity Price
Corsair Performance Pro CSSD-P128GBP-BK 128 GB USD 200
Corsair Force GT CSSD-F120GBGT 120 GB USD 170

In the table below, we provide a more in-depth technical comparison between the two drives. Most chip manufacturers don’t detail the specifics of their chips on their websites, so we are only linking to what we found.

Model Controller Buffer Memory
Corsair Performance Pro Marvell 88S-9174 BKK2 512 MB NANYA NT5CB128M16BP Toshiba TH58TE07D2HBA4C (8 x 16 GB)
Corsair Force GT Sandforce SF-2281 NA Micron 29F64G08CBAAB (16 x 8 GB)
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