Solid state drives have come down significantly in price over the last few years, so it’s now cheaper than ever to upgrade your PC. While 128 GiB units offer the best compromise between price and capacity in most cases, some users may opt for a 256 GiB model instead if extra storage space is required. Today we are going to look at two of the latest 256 GiB models; the Corsair Neutron and the OCZ Agility 4.

There are many components in a PC that can be upgraded to make it faster, but none are as noticeable in the real world as upgrading a hard drive to a solid state drive. A 256 GiB solid state drive is ideal for those who are confined to a single drive in a laptop or those who need a lot of storage space for large applications and games.

Even though both units have 256 GiB of memory inside, the Corsair Neutron is sold as a 240 GiB, since 16 GiB is reserved for overprovisioning, used by the garbage collection and wear leveling mechanisms of the unit.

Corsair Neutron 240 GB vs. OCZ Agility 4 256 GB SSD ReviewFigure 1: The two SSDs on test

Before proceeding, we highly suggest that you read our “Anatomy of SSD Units” tutorial, which provides all the background information you need to know about SSDs. Both of the SSDs featured in this review use MLC memory chips.

In the table below we are comparing the Corsair Neutron 240 GiB with the OCZ Agility 4 256 GiB. Both units use a SATA-600 interface and occupy a 2.5” form factor.

Manufacturer Model Model # Nominal Capacity Price
Corsair Neutron CSSD-N240GB3-BK 240 GiB USD 210
OCZ Agility 4 AGT4-25SAT3-256G 256 GiB USD 150

We researched the prices on the day that we published this review. In the table below, we provide a more in-depth technical comparison between the two drives. Most chip manufacturers don’t detail the specifics of their chips on their websites, so we are only linking to what we found.

Model Controller Buffer Memory
Corsair Neutron Link_A_Media LM87800 2x 128 MiB K4T1G08QF 16x 16 GiB Micron 29F128G08CFAAB
OCZ Agility 4 Indilinx Everest 2 IDX400M00-B0 2x 256 MiB Hynix H5TQ2G63BFR 16x 16 GiB OCZ H2502128T048AX22
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