It is quite clear from our test results that both the Corsair Neutron and OCZ Agility 4 offer impressive performance. However, it’s also clear that the two drives have their strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

The Corsair Neutron offered much higher performance than the OCZ Agility 4 throughout all of the sequential and random read tests with no exceptions.

One of the key aspects of the Corsair Neutron to note is the consistency of performance throughout the compressible and incompressible data tests. This is because the Link-A Media controller doesn’t rely on data compression to achieve high speeds.

The OCZ Agility 4 performed better throughout the write tests and, again, the results were fairly consistent through compressible and incompressible data tests. In fact, the only write test in which the OCZ Agility 4 didn’t achieve higher performance than the Corsair Neutron was in the IOPS test.

When we consider the price of the two drives, the Corsair Neutron is around USD 60 more expensive than the OCZ Agility 4.

The OCZ Agility 4 has a slightly larger capacity than the Corsair Neutron because the controller doesn’t use overprovisioning. This results in around 15 GiB more usable space when formatted in Windows. However, the Corsair offer a five-year warranty with the Neutron, compared to OCZ’s three years. This makes it a better option for those who don’t upgrade their system very often and want the peace of mind of a longer guarantee.

Henry has been taking apart computers since the age of 10, which eventually lead to a career in technology journalism. He's written for numerous leading UK technology websites as well as writing advisory articles for Best Buy.