The product

The sealed radiator-block system is shown in Figure 3. At the left is the block, that transfers heat from the CPU to the coolant liquid and, at the right, the radiator, which transfers heat from the circulating liquid to the air.

The rubber hoses are 11” (280 mm) long and have 0.4” (10 mm) of diameter.

Corsair H45Figure 3: sealed system

Figures 4 and 5 reveal the radiator of the Corsair H45. It comes with one 120 mm fan installed and it is 1.1” (28 mm) thick. The fan model is DF121225SM from Dynaeon, with 2,300 rpm, 5.4 W, 94 cfm and 31 dBA.

An interesting detail of the H45 is that the pump (which makes the fluid flow inside the system) is integrated to the radiator, and not to the block as seen in the majority of similar products. So, there are two power cables here: one four-pin for the fan, and one three-pin for the pump.

Corsair H45Figure 4: radiator

Corsair H45Figure 5: radiator

Figure 6 shows the top of the block. As we mentioned before, the pump is not located no the top of the block like on most systems, but on the radiator. Because of this, the block is very flat, being only 0.9″ (22 mm) tall.

Corsair H45Figure 6: block

The base of the block, which is made of copper, is revealed in Figure 7. The thermal compound comes preapplied.

Corsair H45Figure 7: base