Figure 9 shows the backplate to be used with Intel CPUs at the left. In AMD systems, the block is installed using the existing motherboard frame and the clips shown at the right.

Corsair H100Figure 9: Intel backplate and AMD clips

To install the H100 on our CPU, first we installed the backplate on the solder side of the motherboard, holding it in place with the thumbscrews shown in Figure 10.

Corsair H100Figure 10: Holders installed

As we mentioned before, the radiator of the H100 is intended to be installed at the top panel of the case. But the top panel of the case that we use to test coolers is solid, not supporting the installation of this product. There is no point in testing this cooler in another case, which could void any comparisons between the performance of the H100 and our previous results. So, we simply hold the radiator in the recommended (horizontal) position, at the side of the case during the tests, as seen in Figure 11.

Corsair H100Figure 11: CPU cooler installed