The Corsair H100 (Cont´d)

Figure 6 shows the CPU block, which transfers the heat from the processor to the liquid. As in other sealed systems, the pump that makes the liquid flow is integrated in the block.

The connector you see in the side of the block allows you to connect the H100 to the Corsair Link, a modular system that controls case cooling and lighting and can be controlled via a USB port. This system must be purchased separately.

There is a button on the top of the block, used to switch between three operation modes, where the fans are set at minimum, medium or high speed. The lights on the block indicate which speed it is by displaying one (minimum), two (medium), or three (high) lights.

Corsair H100Figure 6: Block

In Figure 7, you see the connectors for the fans. Although the system comes with only two fans, the fan controller embedded into the block can control up to four fans. You can also see the cables of the block: one four-pin standard peripheral power connector (“Molex”) that powers up the H100, and a single wire that must be connected to the motherboard, allowing it to sense the pump speed.

Corsair H100Figure 7: Block

The copper base of the block is shown in Figure 8. It comes with pre-applied thermal compound.

Corsair H100Figure 8: Base